Welcome! I am Baustein, your coach and mentor. I am professional producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ. I often work with other artists, but my own releases can be found under DJ Manic Youth and KONKR33T. I’ve been running Guitar Studio since 2000, and I’m the co-founder of Groove Hunter Entertainment Group and Manic Collection. Recently I launched HYBR!D PARK, which is the next level and international version of Guitar Studio

 Learn music by playing, don’t play music by learning! ” (GS)
Baustein aka Manic Youth, your coach and mentor

I started Guitar Studio in the year 2000 from my passion for guitar and music. I studied at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, and the well-known Musicians Institute Hollywood, College Of Contemporary Music, where music was more than just “finger plucking” on guitar or just playing in a band. Playing music is only a small part of a musical career, I even dare to say no more than 5% of the time. Think of it like a doctor: how much of his time is he actually spending on medicine? In a nutshell, my time in Los Angeles was an eye-opener in many areas, where the sessions with former KISS manager/producer Kenny Kerner influenced me most.

Kenny, of Jewish descent, a heart of gold, respectful, honest, business guru, someone who never minced his words. That’s why he wasn’t the most famous lecturer of the College. His sharp tongue sometimes felt like a Viking sword in the back. Truth can be painful, which is why people like to prefer comfortable lies to painful truth, and many people make no progress in their lives. That unpleasant truth is just as valuable.

By confronting himself, a person can make progress and develop and design his future. This applies to an artist, musician or instrumentalist, composer, band, work life up to and including private life. Self-development, motivation, getting out of the comfort zone, beat fears, rewarding themselves, gaining knowledge, using existing knowledge, networking, to-do lists, setting targets, life goals and deadlines.

  A successful artist is a good actor and tough businessman. ” (KK)

With HYBR!D PARK, my goal is sharing my personal experience making you a better artist designing your own future. Not just making you a better musician. There are plenty of great instructional websites and YouTube videos out there, teaching you how to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, etc. I really don’t feel the urge or necessity showing you how to play the latest Top40 songs or classic rock tracks.

Professional producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ

But I do feel like creating a hybrid community for you and me, sharing my personal experience and tips but also yours. I’ll be making short blog articles, 1-minute quick tips, and I’ll listen to you and try answering your questions and give you personal tips. Important to me is that HYBR!D PARK shall not be just my place. It shall become OUR place, our park, our HYBR!D PARK. The place to meet like-minded people. It’s a big but small world after all, so let ’s be there for us all together – “ We come 1” (MJ).

My motto is:
1. learn music by playing, don’t play music by learning
2. You name it, YOU play it
3. Listen with your eyes, look with your ears
4. Develop and motivate yourself, design your own future

Best regards,