FREE DOWNLOAD: Drum backing tracks & drumloops

Drum backing tracks & drumloops

Free basic backing drum and jam tracks for exercise on your guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, etc. These tracks are a perfect alternative to a standard (annoying) metronome. use these tracks to improve your technical skills, timing, jam your favorite songs, or compose your own songs and creations.

These drum tracks work perfectly for rock, straight and swing/shuffle 8th blues, hip hop, rap, pop, country etc.

Basic 4/4 straight/swing beats MP3 download
4/4 Straight 8th beat 60BPM
4/4 Straight 8th beat 90BPM
12/8 Tripleds/Swing 8th beat 60BPM
4/4 Swing 8th beat 90BPM
Basic 4/4 straight 8th (pop/rock drumloop)

Open the full playlist on Youtube, click on the individual tempos below:

> 60 BPM
>70 BPM
> 80 BPM
> 90 BPM
> 100 BPM
> 110 BPM
> 120 BPM
> 130 BPM
> 140 BPM
> 150 BPM
> 160 BPM