BLOG: Go for BEAUTY, not the BE(A)ST

Go for BEAUTY, not the BE(A)ST
You wanna be the best guitarist in the world ?!

OK, you’re in trouble … big trouble my friend! Focus less on guitar playing, and more on playing music. Do you really think you’re going to be the best guitarist on a planet with almost 8 billion people, containing – say what – 400 million guitarists … good luck to you 😉 ! Even then, what’s the definition of “the best guitarist” anyway? The fastest, most famous, the one with the most strings, most guitars, the oldest, youngest, the one with the most expensive sports cars and biggest bank account, … ? I really don’t know, you tell me!

Was Jimi Hendrix the best guitarist?

Well, technically speaking, no! Musically speaking, absolutely one of my personal favorites! Jimi Hendrix wrote history as a guitarist, songwriter and showman, not by wanting to be the fastest or the best. Slash is also one of the best guitarist to me personally, and that’s OK! Many people think Slash is just a lousy smoking guitarist with a silly hat … that’s also OK! We have different visions, ideas, opinions and tastes, that’s what makes the world so damn interesting!

OK back on topic …
Hybrid Park, Baustein aka Manic Youth on guitar

Just look at it this way: when you go for the be(a)st instead of beauty, the risk is also extremely high that your ego becomes more important than your music. Yes, ego-tripper is the word I was looking for. And next things that come are frustrations, tensions, competitive feeling, jealousy, worries … not to mention the physical and mental consequences. Put such egos in a music group, rehearsals and performances become competitions instead of concerts.

All humans have ego’s, that’s just how we are. But when you go out the door, leave your ego at home. Focus on music, the groove, the beauty, the sound, the spirit … the chemistry. When ego takes control, musicality fades away and the game is over.

Baustein aka DJ Manic Youth

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Baustein aka Manic Youth

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