Live 1-on-1 online private music lessons, guitar training, music theory, songwriting, coaching, …

• electric or acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele training, all ages
• professional training by qualified guitar coach
• solo guitar and rhythm guitar
• all levels from starter, advanced to professional guitarist
• no prior knowledge of music required
• play music from the first lesson!
• how listening to music, analyze and interpret songs
• no boring one-size-fits-all solutions
• choose the music and styles yourself
• learn to listen with your eyes, and look with your ears

Starter to professional guitarist, anyone can play an instrument

Both the beginning, advanced and professional guitarist can start with me. All lessons are individual, which has the advantage that the guitar student receives personal coaching and is followed up according to level, choice of music style, objectives, any prior knowledge, etc. Prior knowledge of music is absolutely not required.

Anyone can learn to play and master an instrument. Electric guitar, acoustic (western) guitar, classical guitar, but also learning to work and play with effects and other devices, playing along with your favorite music, learning to read, interpret, learn to listen to music, … . Various styles can be discussed such as funk, rock, metal, folk, singer-songwriting, R&B, reggae… something for everyone, the sky is the limit! You decide what you want to learn and you choose your goals. It’s my job to coach and motivate you to achieve your personal targets.


Design your own future. Stop procastination and act now!

From now on, focus 100% on your future, music, video, artist profile, releases, productions, band, promotion. Together we focus the consulting sessions to your questions and goals, from musical subjects up to self-development.


• level, feedback and development of yourself as a musician and artist
• find out why you get stuck
• discover your qualities, strengths and weaknesses
• setting up a practice routine program
• find the right method based on your personal goals
• analysis of own songs and productions
• own band: red flags, band leading, ensemble, stage, rehearsal
• releases and promotion
• setting life goals in the short/medium/long term
• set up a trajectory and structure to continue growing
• resolving (mental) blocks, overcoming fears
• law of attraction: networking, attract and rebound people
• pushing the limits
• stop procrastination
• keep learning by trial and error
• accepting mistakes
• become immune to criticism and don’t let others demotivate you


Top notch productions, ready for radio, TV and streaming

Ready to conquer the world with your own music and songs … but you’re missing that little extra?

Hybrid Park music production, top notch radio ready songs

Do you want to record one or more songs? Do you want to make a recording or demo with your band? You have basic ideas or a vocal line with chords that you want to develop into a full-fledged song? You already have a recording and want to mix it again, remix it? You’re stuck with a song or production?

You’re a DJ and want to make, develop and release your own songs? You want to master a mix, ready to play the radio and throw on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, and all other major streaming platforms? In short, you want to be ready to conquer the world? Let’s start at the beginning: a top notch professionally finished product!


Are you hardcore enuf?

The HARDCORE SEMINAR will boost your holistic music and guitar knowledge, clarity, focus and mind-set.

Hybrid Park music production, top notch radio ready songs

The HARDCORE SEMINAR is a high intensity 12-week training and coaching program, comprised of a purposeful variety of exercises. Executed properly in an efficient way, focused with tons of dedication and under supervision, it will make people of all ability levels ready for anything that life can dish out.

The training program is very intensive, demanding, and is not suitable for everyone. I only want to work with a limited number of selected and dedicated people. Only those who are ready stepping out of their comfort zone and willing to push themselves beyond the(ir) limits. Those who want to take action, work on themselves, accept failure, never give up, and repeat until they succeed.

>> More info and application: https://www.bringtheaction.net/